Biotech Primer Institute

Biosafety FAQ

1. How do I log in to the online course once it is purchased?
While purchasing any online course you will need to provide a username and password.  After purchasing a Biosafety Online Course you will login to your dashboard by provinding your username and password. All of the courses you purchase will be found on your dashboard.

2. How many times can I watch the course? You can return to the course as often as you would like in 72 hours.Please ensure you have sufficient time and reliable internet connection to view this course. No time extensions to view this course will be given.

3. How often can I take the assessment? Assessment can only be taken once and your score will be provided on your Certificate of Completion. Pass the assessment with a minimum 80% to be eligible for .125 ABSA Credentialing Maintenance Credit. You will need to submit your score to ABSA. Contact Heather Bergan at to learn about the ABSA submittal process.